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If I have brought a gleam of light
To cheer a darkened day,
If I held out a friendly hand
To help along the way,
Then in these acts of kindness done
It is not me you see,
But glimpses of that Loving One
Who chose to dwell in me.
This page was last updated on: July 12, 2017

All these things       Life's Bridges            He's Calling  

My Kitchen             Tea Room              Scripture Cake

When It's Dark      A Moment to Share    Child in the Storm

Storms of Life      I Heard  A Bird          Secret Place         

We Can  Soar     Garden of My Heart      Tiny Angel     

He's My Brother     Touched by Angels      The Teacup  

A Mother's Love     Little Hattie's Chair       Be Happy    

Our Creation         Jonah and the Whale      Rejoice         

Reflections                  Christmas           Thanksgiving

 Love letters                        God's Lamb     

 He Sent the Hummingbird          If Christ Had Not Come 

He Knows What We Need

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I have a book of inspirational poems with scripture and commentary, which I wrote.
If interested, email me.

Do not take my graphic! I would not steal from your home!
"The clouds my come and the rains may fall, but I know my God will see me through it all"....that's why I can sing in the rain!
Hi there!  I hope you take the time to browse around. I have so much for you to see. May you find a beam of hope and feel His peace and contentment as you embrace the hope we have in Him within these pages. God Bless!