Our life is divided into seasons. In each segment of time, each season of our life has accomplishments, goals to be met, and wisdom to be gleaned.  Whatever season of life you are in, it can be a time of reflection and soul-searching.  Let us enjoy each day to the fullest. Recognizing each season as we travel on life's journey.  Love life, be all that you can be, savoring life's nuggets of truth as we walk with God.
My purpose for this page is to encourage and uplift, as I reflect on  things that affect us on our life's journey. I hope as we reflect that it will bring some enlightment to your mind, encouragement to your soul, and bring strength to your heart.  Let me take
a moment to share this story with you.
The Eagle and the Chicken
A farmer found a wounded eagle one day out in his field. not knowing what to do he took it home, and nested it along side his chickens to keep it safe.  He kept the eagle with the chickens, and fed it, took care of it for a long time, until the eagle began to heal.  One day, some visitors came by his place, and saw the eagle.  They asked the man what he was doing with an eagle in his chicken coup, but the farmer had forgotten the bird was an eagle.  The bird had stayed so long with the chickens, even the bird had forgotten he was an eagle.  The farmer simply replied that it wasn't an eagle, it was a chicken.  The visitors encouraged the farmer to take the bird out, see if he could fly.  so the farmer did. And of course, the eagle was completely healed from his earlier life wounds, so he began to fly.  Everyone watched as the bird flew with the magnificence that only the most elite of all flying birds could accomplish. The bird flew higher, and faster than anything.  He realized he was not a chicken, but an eagle.
Sometimes things happen in our lives that serve some sort of purpose.  They teach us a lesson or help figure out who we are or who we want to become. Some things may be good or some may be painful or unfair. But,  reflecting on these things, we realize that without overcoming these obstacles we would never realize our potentials, or strengths. Everything happens for a reason, in God's time and season. nothing happens by chance, which sometimes one might life to think. These things happen to test the limits of our soul. Without these tests, we would be weak and incabable of knowing how strong of a person we can become. The people we meet affect our lives. Those we associate with are the ones who create who we are. We can experience success and downfalls in life, but these are lessons we learn from. Everyone has setbacks in life. Each one of us go through trials and testings. We've been wounded in many ways. But, there is a healing process, and in God's time we will soar again. Let us break free of the weights which may be holding us down. Set your sights high. Hold your head up and stand tall. Believe in yourself and value life. It is God's gift to you.  Let us not forget who we are. We are God's children. Let us be as an eagle and soar above our circumstances, as we face the challenges of life.
As The Eagle
Let us be as the eagle with power and might,
Being ready to soar high in our flight.

Rising above life's windy shores,
With wings as eagles, we will soar.

Galia Cockerham
(C) 2000