He Sent the Hummingbird

A hummingbird they say doesn't come out at night,
But, I disagree because there I stood as one came in sight. 

I quietly stood there as it took me by surprise,
Gazing at this wonder as it flew before my eyes.

Hovering over the grave that was dug that day,
Wings fluttering over the flowers where my mother lay.

It was dusk dark as my sister and I stood there,
It was a moment too awesome for words to share.

As, we watched it's wings beating so fast,
We knew that was a special moment that would always last.

My mother loved hummingbirds you see,
And the pain she once bore, she was now free.

I believe it was a sign God sent that day,
Letting us know that mother was ok.

God cares for us, as we face trials day by day,
That's why I believe, He sent the hummingbird our way.

By: Galia Cockerham-2002

I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. John 14.18
We may feel discouraged by things that have happened in our lives. But, God is always with us no matter what we're going through. Sometimes He reminds us of this by sending someone to encourage us, by His Word, or maybe by just sending a hummingbird.