Tiny Angel
I'm just a tiny Angel...
No bigger than your thumb,
I live inside your heartstrings
You can always count on me for fun.

Before I was an Angel...
I was the beauty in  spring showers;
God Himself hand-picked me,
And gave me Angel powers.

And, because God is always busy
With so many things to do,
He gave me my assignment
And it's to keep close watch on you.

When, He tucked me in your heartstrings
He blessed you with an Angel's care,
Then, He told me to never leave you
And I vowed to always be there.

If you should ever need me
I'm never far away,
Just reach within your heart
Pause, it's where I intend to stay.

Share your troubles with me
I'll chase the clouds away,
I'll send you rainbows to make you smile
And brighten all your days.

Written by: C Morgan 1999

Angels come in their brilliance of light,
Going with us in our darkest night.
Angels everywhere to lead and guide,
Throwing their kisses, while by your side.
Feel free to take you one of my little angels for your webpage. Aren't they cute?